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How to hide photos on moto g7

Moto G7 is another budget-oriented smartphone by the company, but is it perfect all around? Obviously no. First of All, in this article, we address some of the common issues and problems in Moto G7 smartphone and next, with the proven solution to it. So, do stay until the end. Welcome, I am here to help you out with certain Issues on the Moto G7. Please do carefully go through all the topics that are covered under this article.

If your phone is raising its temperature, causing severe heating then, first of all, you need to take the following precautions —. Also, Unlock Bootloader on Moto G7. Above, steps will make sure your phone is well within the temperature line. But if the problem continues then you may want to go to the service center or your phone is naturally hot. If you are one of the few customers of the Moto G7 phone that are facing battery issue.

Perform the above steps and you are good to go. Though the company claims to be one of the faster phones than the previous generation, still you can encounter some laggy experience on your phone. This issue is common among most of the Android smartphones. If this problem arises then consider the following steps —. Related — How to Root Moto G7. If you follow the above steps and still encountering sudden shutdown, then its time to go to service center. If your phone is stuck while doing a task or making phone calls or maybe while playing games.

Then, follow the steps below. If the apps on your phone are opening apps slower then is used to be, then follow the steps below. If you are one of few getting this problem, then you should solve the issue by following the steps below. This should probably fix your problem.

If the problem is still there then drop a comment below describing your issue. Bluetooth problems may occur from time to time while connecting with other devices. Take the following steps.

Also, How to Root Moto G7. You may want to show your phone to the service center for any defects.

how to hide any file (Images, Pictures, Videos) without third party apps on android

If your phone is not getting the proper signal or mobile data network is not working as it used to work before then try the steps below. Your phone will work as expected by the following steps. This should solve your issue. If you have any other problems regarding play store do let me know in the comment section below. I will be happy to help you.

If there are any more issues with your Moto G7 then drop a comment and I will update the article. Here are some of the key features and specifications of the newly launched Moto G7 smartphone.

Do you want to know about Tech Droid Tips Motive? Or about the article you just read? I have a game that has the pause button located on the right-hand bottom-most part of the screen.You can also print them if you really need a hardcopy. Although Moto G7, G7 Plus, G7 Play, and G7 Power share many common features and configurations, the difference is also obvious as explained in this post.

So, the user guides are listed for each model individually. You should use the user guide corresponding to the G7 model you are using.

how to hide photos on moto g7

Very likely, you hold the volume down keys AND the power button. You should hold the power button only. How do you get the keyboard microphone to talk text messages for you? I have to type every message and it is annoying, that is why I upgraded my phone in the first place. I have the Moto G7 Optimo Maxx. You just need to enable Google Voice typing in language and input settings. It is probably enabled by default Then when using the Gboard, you can find the microphone icon on the top right of the keyboard.

You set the call forwarding to the voicemail for this SIM card. You call your phone company to cancel the call forwarding to voice mail, or set it to forward to the voicemail only when it is unreachable. For most carriers, you can also set it in the Phone app. Open the Phone app, tap the menu key 3 vertical dots near top right, tap Settings— calls —call forwarding. Contents hide. Official Moto G7 user manual in English.

Official Moto G7 Play user guide in English. Official Moto G7 Power user guide in English. Official Moto G7 Plus user manual in English. Share this: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Comments g7 wont shut off only takes screenshots.

Best Moto G7 Tips and Tricks or Hidden Features

My phone calls goes directly to voicemail? How do I take this off? Can you schedule Do Not Disturb to go on or off at a certain time? Of course, you can. Leave your comments Cancel reply. Be the first one to get the update, tips and tricks on Moto G? Get our free Newsletter Today!The Lenovo-owned smartphone brand has launched the Motorola Moto G7 Power codenamed ocean device in early The handset offers a budget segment mid-range specifications with Stock Android UI.

It will be supported by most of the devices that came out in and Even if your device is not officially supported, then you may try the Android 10 GSI build on your device. The steps are simple and easy to follow. Moto G7 Power ocean comes with a 6. It has a aspect ratio. Motorola Moto G7 Power is powered by a 1.

How to sort and remove icons on Motorola Moto G7 Power

Meanwhile, the phone includes an accelerometer, ambient light sensor, compass, gyroscope, proximity, and a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor. It also supports the face unlock option. Google has started rolling out the latest Android 10 version update to its Pixel series devices which is the 10th iteration of Android OS.

It brings plenty of new features to the device system like system UI, new gesture navigation, improved privacy and location control. The update also offers enhanced app permissions, foldable display support, security features, system-wide dark mode, etc. The Android 10 also offers built-in call screening, multi-camera API, smart replies in the notification panel, 5G support, improved call quality, bubble feature, live caption, and more.

While the latest version also improves battery life, Focus mode which is similar to the Do Not Disturb mode, etc. Apart from that Android 10 also features 65 new emojis. It also comes with direct audio streaming support to hearing aid devices. Here we will provide short details of the most highlighted features of Android 10 aka Android Q. Check out the Top 10 Android 10 features.

This is a Custom ROM and may contain some of the bugs or stability issues. Proceed at your own risk. First, you have to unlock the device bootloader in order to flash any Custom ROM.

But going to the process. If in case anything goes wrong or if you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comments below. Source: Github Credits to phhusson.

This led me to start "GetDroidTips". Is there a way for me to do this without a pc? I dont have a pc and was wondering if i could download the adroid 10 update by only using my phone. For more info, Please read our privacy policy before submitting your comment. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. February 17, at pm.

Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube.Page of 64 Go. User Guide. Table of Contents. Page 2 Your phone is designed to make it easy for you to access a wide variety of content.

how to hide photos on moto g7

For your protection, we want you to be aware that some applications that you enable may involve the location of your phone being shared. For applications available through Cricket, we offer privacy controls that let you decide how an application may use the location of your phone and other phones on your account. For FAQs, and other phone support, visit www.

This product meets the applicable national or international RF exposure guidance SAR guideline when used normally against your head or, when worn or carried, at a distance of 5 mm from the body. When your phone is off, press and hold the Power button to turn it on. You can also add a microSD card, which is optional and sold separately. Press and hold Power until the screen lights up. Follow the screen prompts to get started.

Connect to Wi-Fi For faster Internet access and to conserve data use, swipe the status bar down. Press and hold Connect with Wi-Fi. Depending on what you use, that can take a lot of power. When your phone is stationary, not charging, or not in use for a period of time, unnecessary background processes are shut down to optimize battery life. From here you can explore apps and more. Note: Software updates happen frequently, so your screen may look a little different.

You can add multiple pages. To see other pages of shortcuts and widgets if availableswipe the home screen left. Android Setup Tap a notification to open Finish setting up your phone.

Moto G7 Common Issues and Problems

Page Status Icons For more, visit www. Page Direct Share Direct Share In some apps, you can share something directly to a contact, app, or conversation.Mar 16, Motorola Moto G7. Indeed, if perhaps you are the type to take a lot of pics, the internal memory of Motorola Moto G7 can be quickly saturate.

So, to make room on the internal memory of Motorola Moto G7, we will see how to put the pics on the SD card of the cellphone. We will initially see the method to move the pics on the SD card. We will see in a second time how to do this using an application.

If perhaps it does not work on your Motorola Moto G7, use the following process to move the pics. Once you are there, you just have to select the album to transfer while remaining pressed a few secs. A small menu should appear and you simply have to click on CUT.

That is it, your photos are transferred to the SD card. We have selected for you the ES File Explorer application for its simplicity and functionality. You must download and install this application on the Motorola Moto G7.

When done, open it and go to the images folder. That is it, the pics are moved. When there, you must decide on the SD Card option for the default location. Search for:.If you start to sweat when handing your phone over to someone to check out your photos, this roundup is for you. Whether you want to drop photos into a secure folder for your eyes only or are hoping for an app to protect your snaps, we have plenty of Android-based solutions to recommend.

However, many Android device manufacturers offer built-in privacy features that help you to hide your photos and other files easily. You can also use the archive function in Google Photos.

You can still access these photos by tapping the hamburger menu three vertical lines at the top left and then tapping on Archive. To put them back into the main photo feed, tap and hold to select, then tap the three vertical dots at the top right and choose Unarchive.

If you ever want to unhide photos, simply find them in the Gallery app in the Secure Folder, tap and hold to select, then tap the three vertical dots at the top right and choose. There are a couple that we recommend. You can put photos or videos into your vault and they are only accessible by entering a PIN or password. You can also set up multiple vaults for different photos and videos, all with different passwords to gain entry. Vaulty has a mugshot feature, too, which snaps a photo of anyone trying to gain access.

Play Store. You choose what photos and videos to add to it, and you can only access them by using your PIN, passcode, or fingerprint. It encrypts your files, but keeps them on the device — there is no online backup.

It also supports Micro SD cards, includes a fake passcode option that takes you to a decoy photo vault, a hidden icon to disguise the app, and break-in alerts. How to root Android phones and tablets and unroot them 1 day ago. How to add a Flash Briefing to Alexa 1 day ago. How to connect your phone to an Xbox One 1 day ago.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2: Everything we know about the true wireless earbuds 2 days ago. Google Pixel 4a will have a 5.

The best Samsung Galaxy deals for April 2 days ago. The best yoga apps for Android and iOS 2 days ago. We break down the speeds 1 day ago.That You Must Check Out. This stores all your credentials like usernames and passwords to auto-fill login details for all apps. Google already offers auto-fill feature if you have Android Oreo. You can use Google Auto-fill and skip Moto Key. This replaces that on-screen navigation bar with a series of pokes and swipes, using that scanner.

Motorola has included a handy tutorial to guide you through the different gestures.

how to hide photos on moto g7

Head to the display settings and you can toggle between the standard mode and vibrant mode — the latter is activated by default and makes your images a bit more vivid, so those colors really pop.

This can be scheduled to automatically produce warmer visuals between dusk and dawn, which is more comfortable on your peepers when the light is low. The normal way to take a screenshot is to press the volume down button and the power button at the same time. Once you enable Quick screenshot, you can just touch the screen with three fingers to take a screenshot. For one-handed use which might be useful on the Moto G6 Plus given its sizeyou can shrink the screen.

After you toggle the feature on, simply swiping down to the left or right will shrink the screen to its respective corner allowing you to easily access different apps. Moto Actions also provides you with a variety of different features to make using your phone easier all with simple gestures. First up, you can open the camera at any time — even when the phone is hibernating — by quickly twisting your wrist twice.

Handy if you want to take an impromptu shot. And if you want to manually tweak how your photo looks before you take it, you can dive into the manual settings by tapping the icon at the top left corner. This opens up a fulls set of controls for you to play around with. The Moto G6 camera also includes object recognition. Baked into Android 8. Simply open an app and then press and hold either the recent apps or the multitasking button. The app that was already open will then only take up half the screen and the other app will be placed at the bottom of the screen.

To exit split-screen mode, tap and hold the recent apps button again or drag the resize bar up or down.

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