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Spn 3719 fmi 31

By tarheelsDecember 26, in Engines. Just bought a safari cheetah, on a mile trip of them were smooth, with no warning the step out light comes on. We stopped checked the steps, no problem. Got back on the road the check engine light came on. Before I could stop again a symbol pops up. Looked into owners manual it's the PDF light. I checked my temp,oil pressure and volts looked good so I drove to my dad's house.

Cut the RV off, started it back up, lights still on. Took my j scan tool from matco, got codes SPN fmi Also SPN Now the next morning is It has a C9 cat, eng ser c9s Mileage Needless to say I'm sick, this is the very first trip. Any help would be appreciated. Code is defined as a failure to ignite.

This meas the ecm attempted to ignite a flame in the ARD housing and it failed. You either have a bad spark plug or bad ARD head. I always try a spark plug first. Just talked to someone at a cat shop and he said I didn't put def fluid in a holding tank. I don't see any place for that. I told him that and he said for me too get these codes I must be using def fluids.

I'm really sick now. A call to the Caterpillar RV Hotline with your engine serial number would be a good source of information on this. Thanks again, I've been looking all over this RV and just don't see a def.

I've been all through the owners manual and no talk of a def. After I install this spark plug in my diesel, I know, I know how do I reset the code light? Or will it do it automatically if it's fixed? PS I traded my Cummins withmiles and never a problem for a Cat with miles and didn't make it miles.

I'm not impressed at all.Canada 86 Posts. United States Posts. Midwest Active Member.

spn 3719 fmi 31

USA 25 Posts. Found one member here that had code years ago, there is info on either having a crankcase breather filter or just a open system on the crank case. This unit has a open breather system. From what I have found [which is very little] if it has a open system it should have had a flash update that ignores this code. If you get this code most likely the ecm does not know its a open system and will need to go to international to be updated?

Any input would be appreciated? Here is what was posted back in A new Non-serviceable Crankcase Breather Assy. The Non-Serviceable Breather will not become restricted and will provide acceptable performance throughout the life of the engine.

System Set-Up 1. Check top of crankcase breather cover for part C91 to determine if breather has been updated to the new non-serviceable breather, part number location shown in picture above. If the template programmed successfully without any errors, then the programming is complete. Good luck. Supply the last eight of the VIN and he can help get you information. Good Luck. Sent him the serial and he got back to me with the oem flow chart for the code.

Its basically the same as I originally posted. When upgraded it would be updated so not to set this code. The code basically is a maintenance reminder to change the filter like a oil change monitor. There is no sensors involved.

My texa scanner would not allow me to rest, I tried to clear code but would not. The owner took it to the local IH dealer and they were done in a matter of minutes he said. Thanks for the help Roger.

DD13 Aftertreatment Problems

Thanks for posting, it will undoubtedly help someone else in the future.This truck and I have a long history and I need help! I initially saw this truck over the summer for regen issues, it was not passively or actively regenerating.

It was running poorly and had four bad injectors. I replaced all six injector nozzles not units and was able to get it to regen. The truck later broke down out of town and had an EGR valve installed. Both have been sent back out for cleaning and testing. Now this truck is back and will not regen. The truck is in a fail safe mode for soot.

The truck is not dosing fuel though. I did some system testing and found the overflow valve to be defective. We replaced that valve and the base pressure got better, but the doser code came back. Through some more testing I determined the doser block assembly needed replacement. The shop replaced the doser block and tried to run a regen, same issue, no dosing. Anyone have any suggestions? I have been pulling my hair out trying to find information and doing testing.

I keep finding myself in PSC being told to call Detroit customer support obviously for the dealers. So technically it will start a regen, but it will just regen forever? Or will it not even initiate? I'll assume it regens, but just goes on forever and doesn't get hot. So the checks I would recommend. I would start with the fuel system since you already had problems there injectorsand you've already figured out it isn't dosing fuel.

Thank you, Tyler. I did check fuel pressure at the fuel temp sensor.

spn 3719 fmi 31

It was 52 PSI. I also did the fuel flow at the overflow valve and it was within spec. The service info I was using then guided me to replace the overflow valve. I will double check the doser block for leaks when I get there today. I did the fuel volume test you described and it was within spec. I will do the injector test today. Oh and yes, will go into regen but indefinitely.

Freightliner Cascadia SPN Code DEF

It is getting up to temp enough when it should start dosing but does not. Hey Matthew, I haven't got any experience on the heavy duty Diesels but I'll throw some things out there anyway. I would give priority to the code for exhaust backpressure, backpressure problems will prevent regeneration, I think because it indicates the DPF is perhaps clogged.Jason Active Member. United States 10 Posts. USA Posts. USA 6 Posts. MatthewLaqua New Member.

Mechan1c Top Member. USA 27 Posts. The dealer nor Allison could find it. It was a j comunication problem. The hard plastic tee conectoris what finally fixed it. The codes are from blue bird they are reminding you to change the trans spin on filter. Once you do you need to reset the code. Wait a sec after each move. Should reset!! Trans oil filter restriction switch.

School Bus Fleet Magazine Forums. Hi I have a blue bird all american FE with the check trans light on I read the codes from the dash and they are, Spn Fmi 31 Spn Fmi 31 Could someone tell me what they mean?

Thank you. These codes are not Allison codes which usually start with a P try calling your Blue Bird dealer to see if they can convert the dash code to Allison. MatthewLaqua New Member 1 Posts. Same on a IC BE Just used this proceedure on a RE. Thanks for the reply tried it and it worked. It also works to reset the pm service interval.The FMI may indicate that a problem with an electronic circuit or an electronic component has been detected. The FMI may also indicate that an abnormal operating condition has been detected.

The failure mode of the DTC is determined by evaluating the electronic signal from the suspect circuit. The failure mode identifiers can be divided into two categories:. Codes that indicate that a problem with an electronic circuit or an electronic component has been detected.

Typically, the first category of code is generated when the signal for the circuit is outside the range of the sensor.

The second category of code indicates that the sensor signal is OK, but the signal is outside the normal operating range of the parameter.


Refer to the troubleshooting guide for the specific product. The troubleshooting guide procedure will help determine the root cause of a DTC. You must be logged in to post a comment. The failure mode identifiers can be divided into two categories: Codes that indicate that a problem with an electronic circuit or an electronic component has been detected Codes that indicate that a system event has been detected Typically, the first category of code is generated when the signal for the circuit is outside the range of the sensor.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Privacy Policy Settings. SAVE Cancel.Differential pressure measured across the fuel filter located between the fuel tank and the supply pump. Gage pressure of liquid found in engine cooling system. See also SPN for alternate range and resolution. Temperature of the engine electronic control unit. Differential crankcase blow-by pressure as measured through a tube with a venturi.

SPN is not to be used — obsolete. The position of the exhaust gas recirculation valve expressed as a percentage of full travel. Zero percent means the valve is closed and no exhaust gas is flowing into the intake air stream.

One hundred percent means the valve is fully opened. This parameter is intended for the third accelerator control in an application. If an application has only one accelerator control, use SPN This parameter is intended for secondary accelerator control in an application.

Ratio of volume of fuel to the total volume of fuel in the second or right-side storage container. The interval at which the system will check the tire pressures e. NOTE — A value of 0 indicates continuous real time pressure readings.

Switch signal which indicates the current axle range. Switch signal which indicates when the parking brake is set. Ratio of volume of liquid to total container volume of fluid reservoir in windshield wash system. Exhaust pressure as a result of particle accumulation on filter media placed in the exhaust stream. It is recommended that SPN be used as it has better resolution.

Gage pressure of air in an engine starting system that utilizes compressed air to provide the force required to rotate the crankshaft. Value of set chosen velocity of velocity control system. See SPN for an alternate resolution. If an algorithm that can modify the cruise control set point exists in the system, such as Predictive Cruise Control or Adaptive Cruise Control, then Cruise Control Set Speed SPN 86 will not include the speed adjustment made by that algorithm.

For the parameter that includes the adjustment, see Cruise Control Speed SPN for the final speed used by the cruise control algorithm. Maximum vehicle velocity at which cruise can be set.

See the definition for SPN for more details. Minimum vehicle velocity at which cruise can be set or minimum vehicle velocity for cruise operation before it will exit cruise control operation.This machine is a ride-on, rotary-blade lawn mower intended to be used by professional, hired operators in commercial applications. It is primarily designed for cutting grass on well-maintained lawns in parks, golf courses, sports fields, and on commercial grounds.

It is not designed for cutting brush, mowing grass and other growth alongside highways, or for agricultural uses. Read this information carefully to learn how to operate and maintain your product properly and to avoid injury and product damage. You are responsible for operating the product properly and safely.

You may contact Toro directly at www. Whenever you need service, genuine Toro parts, or additional information, contact an Authorized Service Dealer or Toro Customer Service and have the model and serial numbers of your product ready.

Figure 1 identifies the location of the model and serial numbers on the right front frame member of the product. Write the numbers in the space provided. This manual identifies potential hazards and has safety messages identified by the safety-alert symbol Figure 2which signals a hazard that may cause serious injury or death if you do not follow the recommended precautions. This manual uses 2 words to highlight information.

Important calls attention to special mechanical information and Note emphasizes general information worthy of special attention.

This product complies with all relevant European directives; for details, please see the separate product specific Declaration of Conformity DOC sheet. Diesel engine exhaust and some of its constituents are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive harm.

It is a violation of California Public Resource Code Section or to use or operate the engine on any forest-covered, brush-covered, or grass-covered land unless the engine is equipped with a spark arrester, as defined in Sectionmaintained in effective working order or the engine is constructed, equipped, and maintained for the prevention of fire.

This product is capable of amputating hands and feet and of throwing objects. Always follow all safety instructions to avoid serious personal injury. Using this product for purposes other than its intended use could prove dangerous to you and bystanders. Do not operate the machine without all guards and other safety protective devices in place and working on the machine. Keep clear of any discharge opening. Keep bystanders and pets a safe distance away from the machine. Improperly using or maintaining this machine can result in injury.

To reduce the potential for injury, comply with these safety instructions and always pay attention to the safety-alert symbol, which means Caution, Warning, or Danger—personal safety instruction. Failure to comply with these instructions may result in personal injury or death.

Safety decals and instructions are easily visible to the operator and are located near any area of potential danger.

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